Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everything is Absolute

When you're trying, I want to get married. When you're not, it'll probably be over soon.

A speeding ticket is the end of life as I know it.

For a long time I was of the belief that I didn't need God, but I still wanted religion. Aren't most people opposite? "Reject religion, embrace Jesus"? I like religion. And I like free will. I like deciding who I'm allowed to love.
I like to love murderers and not adulterers. Gay people and not Baptists. I guess that makes me them.

Sometimes, I know I love you.
I can't wait for these freshmen to grow out of their religion. I can't wait to grow into mine.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Don't Know But it Hurts

Taken from an earlier journal entry:

Seeing these girls who are slaves to things which used to enslave me gives me hope. I escaped that with little effort, so maybe I can get even better...older. And maybe less crazy? It's possible I guess.

...I go back in four days. It's easier to come and go now because nothing seems too permanent. But it still hurts my heart to leave Marth alone.

We're fine. Everything's fine, and maybe even better than that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


My six month letter from Outward Bound:

Take this time to remember what you are looking at while writing this letter. The island that represents no difference between the happiness that comes from minimalism and that which comes from excess. The massive bay that represents what you're capable if if necessary, if applied.
I'm no longer begging for the feeling of my bed. I'm thriving. Craftsmenship: do it well, not just what is needed to get by.
Being patient with people
Staying positive intrinsically
Not avoiding work
Doing all that you are capable of
And not judging others if they are not capable of the same
Think about how comfortable you are, but remember that being uncomfortable is Good